Commited, Engaging, Motivating characteristics are just a few of many you demonstrated. We express our honest heartfelt gratitude for the support you eagerly provide us for our growth, as not just the students but also as the responsible global citizens.

You taught us discipline ,dignity and motivated us to achieve much more than what we were capable of. The constant encouragement and persistence made us work hard and achieve success. We cannot over forget the parental care received from you. As arms are for those who can use them, so education is for those who can make it valuable. Teachers you influenced us to develop high culture and noble thoughts.

We want to march in our lives with your blessings of our beloved teachers.We will forever be grateful. Thankyou for being patient and genuine. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have.
Thankyou so much !!

Sr. Celsa (July 2013 - till date)

Sr. Zita (July 2005 – June 2013)

Sr. Matilda (July 1998 – June 2005)

Sr. Joyce (July 1995 – June 1998)

Sr. Josephine (July 1990 – June 1995)

Sr. Pia (July 1986 – June 1990)

Sr. Ferdinanda (July 1978 – June 1986)