About SAFA

Alumni Association


St. Anthoy’s Faridabad Alumni (SAFA) aspires to be an active and vibrant platform to create a network of Anthonians from Faridabad present around the globe, to contribute towards the growth of our society in a positive and meaningful manner. SAFA wishes to engage itself with various philanthropic activities through the school, which include providing free education to meritorious students, encouraging various social causes to magnanimously contribute towards nation building as well. ‘SAFA Trust’ has been specially set up for the purpose.

SAFA also plans to honor our teachers by bestowing them with special honors from time to time as a mark of respect for their dedication and perseverance towards society/ nation building through their devoted and selfless teaching. It is no hidden fact that St. Anthony’s Faridabad has given to society some of the finest professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, and civil servants and this platform shares the goal to return a lot back to the prestigious institution and its dedicated workers.

SAFA would like to be actively involved in supporting various projects of the school in collaboration with the management of the school. With a vast pool of talent available in the school alumni, we can add a huge value in improving the facilities and enhance the infrastructure as well. For raising funds to support the activities mentioned above, SAFA intends to organize various social-cultural events atleast once a year and also invite voluntary contributions from Anthonians. Amongst the major flagship events which SAFA wishes to organize is the RUBY JUBILEE celebrations in the last quarter of 2017. This function intends to invite all Anthonians across all batches. SAFA also intends to organize the SAFA Carnival in December involving the current students. (for Anthonians & their families). SAFA will maintain an active link with the current students of the School and organize various activities like seminars, talks and workshops to motivate them and encourage them to maintain the ethics and values of life in achieving their goals.